Keysmart 2

If you’re still using the good ol’ carabiner to keep your keys together, maybe it’s time you stepped into the 21st century and upgraded to a proper key holder like the Keysmart ($20).

Constructed of durable, lightweight aircraft aluminum, this clever organizer is smaller than a pack of gum, and will accommodate between 2-100 keys (yes, one hundred!), using expansion packs. Like a Swiss Army knife, the Keysmart allows the keys to rotate, so you can easily access the ones you need, while keeping them jingle free in a smooth, rounded-edge package. It’s compatible with most keys and it comes with a loop piece to attach car keys, and other optional add-ons such as USB flash sticks, pocket clips and more. Available in 8 colors, plus a titanium model, the KeySmart comes with the guarantee of a product that’s been handmade in Chicago, USA. Details in the video


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