Keychain Duct Tape 2
What would you take with you to an uninhabited island? Books? Nah! We’d choose the world’s most useful tool: duct tape. And while we’re not planning to go live on an empty island (yet), we like to have the sticky utensil handy at all times, and it turns out now there’s a practical way to carry it everywhere you go. Enter the Keychain Duct Tape ($20).

Hand-made in Los Angeles by Gearward, the solid, one piece keychain comes in brass or stainless steel, and can be refilled over and over again with 18 inches of Gorilla Tape or 24″ of Gaffers Tape. A fast and clean way to refill it, is by sticking the end of it in a power drill on low RPMs, and voilà – you have more tape to fix anything! You know what they say: If it’s still broken, you haven’t used enough duct tape.

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