The Dango Permanent Marker is part of Dango Products’ expansion into different areas of everyday carry. It addresses the need for a durable and robust housing for your markers. After all, writing, doodling, marking, and drawing are timeless everyday tasks.  

This EDC gives your Sharpie or other markers for that matter a tactical look and keeps them in mint condition thanks to its robust and durable construction. It takes design cues from the brand’s original Dango Pen and Capsule collection.  The cap is stainless steel while the barrel is crafted from CNC-machined 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, which boasts excellent strength and resistance to corrosion. The barrel provides a substantial grip with a smooth finish anodized in either black or satin silver.

More than a writing tool, the Dango Permanent Marker also doubles as a handy utility tool. The cap holds a removable clip/multi-tool that has a pointy edge for for opening or cutting boxes, packages, or shipments and for open envelopes. Likewise, the cap comes with multiple tethering points so you can hang it on a keyring, a lanyard, a carabiner, or turn it into a pendant. 

In the box, this EDC comes with the traditional and iconic Sharpie fine tipped felt pen. To install the marker, simply insert the bottom end of the pen into the marker sleeve and tightly push downwards to secure the Sharpie bottoms out in the marker sleeve.

Once tightly secured, replace the cap of the Sharpie pen with the CNC-machined Dango Permanent Marker cap. To install a new Sharpie pen or another marker, just prod the pen out from the bottom of the sleeve through the hole with a thin object or with the pointed tip of the cap. 

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Images courtesy of Dango Products