The COVID-19 pandemic saw major shakeups in businesses and industries. Offices closed as people worked from home, restaurants shifted the bulk of their operations to deliveries, travel was restricted, and gyms memberships were at an all-time low. Our health is important, so be sure to invest in exercise equipment to stay fit. How about this Kettle Sport x forthepeople spin bike?

As you all know, cycling is huge right now. Its popularity surged amid the health crisis and does not show any sign of a slowdown anytime soon. However, not only are some bicycles and gear ridiculously expensive, but unpredictable weather can also ruin your day. So, why not take it indoors, instead?

With the Kettle Sport x forthepeople spin bike, you can enjoy the benefits of cycling whenever you feel like it. Unlike most stationary or recumbent bikes, this mimics the riding positing and pedal stroke of a regular road bike or MTB. Therefore, you can burn more calories and target the muscles that would benefit your next actual ride.

We like the design since it not only looks solid and stable, but the hues are somewhat stylish. “The bikes reference classic cycling frames and mix them with subtle furniture details, each in a set of colorways inspired by objects from around the home,” notes forthepeople. The industrial-grade steel frame and other elements of the spin bike tout a classy matte finish.

Moving parts and other components of the spin bike sit under a matte black plastic housing. Not only does this improve safety, but it also makes the silhouette appear more streamlined. There’s even a mount for your smartphone so you can track your workouts or watch a guided spin class.

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Images courtesy of Kettler Sport/forthepeople