If you’re craving oceanfront views and serenity, then the Ketch Harbour House offers just that. It offers direct oceanfront views of the Atlantic from its location perched on a rugged granite shoreline surrounded by 417 acres of pristine wilderness.

This residential property features a minimalistic form yet elegantly in harmony with its natural habitat. It looks like it has been carved straight out of its granite coast. This magnificent home borders 1800 acres of Crown-owned land and is a great escape for peace and contemplation. It boasts 6000 square feet of sophisticated living space constructed with steel and concrete. Starphire glass window walls, on the other hand, provide captivating views of the ever-changing ocean.

Moreover, interlocking pavilions comprise the living area and rolled zinc on the roof to withstand harsh weather conditions. The roof remains stable and robust against the Nova Scotia Maritime climate.

New York architectural firm Alexander Gorlin and Associates designed the Ketch Harbour House with modern furnishings. The interior has heated floors all throughout with the flooring made from imported polished limestone. This house hosts three bedrooms and four and a half baths. It has a modern kitchen, a large office space and abstract paintings adorn the walls. A landscaped terrace overlooks the ocean and a long driveway provides smooth access toward the property.

Moreover, the Ketch Harbour House is not totally off-grid. This glass and concrete retreat house is just 20 minutes to the capital city of Halifax, where you can find the dining and entertainment scene. A quick drive gets you to some fine restaurants, great theaters, and curious art galleries.

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Images courtesy of Alexander Gorlin and Associates