The KaTTON Multi-Tool Slim Wallet is for the outdoor enthusiast or the commuter who wants more out of their wallets. It offers many useful tools that could come in handy during emergency cases or for minor fixes indoors or outdoors.

For starters, it comes with a detachable carabiner that can hold keys and easily doubles as a phone kickstand or finger holder while bringing your phone with you. The carabiner even packs more essential utility tools including a flat head screwdriver, a 3cm etched ruler, a bottle opener, and sliding sockets in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm sizes. It also has an AirTag holder, a dual purpose oxygen tank wrench/strap holder and a Phillips screwdriver. 

Aside from the multi-purpose carabiner, the KaTTON Multi-Tool Slim Wallet offers a removable stainless steel blade with a durable aluminum handle. The blade itself offers several functions as it comes with other utility tools. These include another bottle opener, a dual-sided 1/2″ and 10mm etched ruler, dual 3mm and 4mm spoke wrenches, another oxygen tank wrench, and a 5mm enclosed socket. 

This blade with all its built-in tools are accessible via a press of a button at the handle. Another button ejector is designed for the credit cards that you’d store in this slim wallet which also has RFID protection to prevent unwanted data theft.

Aside from cards, the KaTTON Multi-Tool Slim Wallet can also hold cash or other small bills or receipts. Lastly, it has a dual ear bud or key FOB holders at the bottom. 

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Images courtesy of KaTTON