When conventional presentations become boring, our best bet is to switch gears and check out digital concepts. It’s likely even the most experienced designers and builders also take a breather and seek inspiration from other mediums. Take for example this awesome scooter from Katalis called the Spacebar. You might have already guessed it that by frame and size, this here is an all-electric affair. Credit goes to Kamengski for coming up with this cool and compact machine.

Joseph Sinaga – Katalis Head of Strategy – notes that the Spacebar is an emission-free mobility solution for small spaces. Given its slim form factor, riders can essentially maneuver around obstacles that would normally not allow regular scooters to pass. It measures 56 inches long, 43.30 inches high, and only 7.9 inches wide (19.3 inches with the handlebar). Meanwhile, ground clearance should is about 7.3 inches.

This is impossible to achieve with a regular engine, which is why the only feasible option was to go electric. The Spacebar is equipped with a 1200W motor with a 48V battery system which can push it up to speeds of 31 mph. The frame, body cover, swingarm, and front arm are all forged from aluminum alloy to keep the scooter lightweight at 133 lbs. As long as the rider and cargo do not exceed 265 lbs, it should be all good.

We love that Katalis and Kamengski went with a utilitarian aesthetic. The stylish graphics on the body somehow gives it a vibe that’s straight out of a sci-fi flick. Moreover, the colorway and the rivets add a tactical element to an otherwise humble transport. The cargo racks up front and at the rear make it a versatile platform with a retrofuturistic appeal.

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Images courtesy of Katalis/Kamengski