A good cup of coffee is only as good as its coffee beans and how the beans are ground to give you robust taste. Picking out the best coffee grinder that delivers such is not easy. The Kanso Hiku, on the other hand, promises precision grinding every time.

You don’t have to make compromises on coffee taste with this manual grinder. It uses a Kanso-designed dual burrset made of hardened, CNC-machined stainless steel for powerful grinding. It has an inner burr that measures 41mm in diameter and an outer burr at 55 mm. These measurements yield 75 and 70 percent more grinding teeth and surface, respectively, and over 30 percent more output per revolution.

This device eliminates the need for the usual guesswork that comes with other manual grinders since it has a knurled stepless adjustable grind size ring. This ring emulates the look and feel of a camera’s focus ring that easily rotates to the size of your choosing. Likewise, it has a non-linear scale etched on the anodized aluminum enclosure.

This grinder offers ground size between medium to espresso fine and its grind cup is made for coffee sharing. It has a capacity of 50g, which is equivalent to five cups of pour over.

The Kanso Hiku coffee grinder lets you enjoy a cup of coffee anytime and anywhere. It is portable and lightweight at less than two pounds. Its machined handle is detachable so you can pack it anywhere you like.

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Photos Courtesy of Kanso Coffee