As an urban commuter going on a trip for business or pleasure, it can be a struggle to switch from a briefcase, or a carry-on to a backpack. You want versatility when it comes to your bag and you want one that caters to both situations. Canadian retail company Kanevas understands this need and thus they specialized in bags that are one of a kind, “designed for you, by you.”

The company has been in the market providing the women population comfort and convenience with their travel needs. They make handmade custom bags that adapt to their carrying needs in any given situation. As such, they want to give the same satisfaction to the opposite gender with the briefcase and duffel bag from their new men’s collection.

Your Style, Your Satisfaction

Founded in Quebec City in 2017 by Mylène Cusson and Marie-Hélène David, Kanevas gives customers the freedom to express their inner fashion designer. They want users to create bags that match their style and personal needs. The customization process allows them to choose their desired fabric, accessories, colors, features, and more. The outcome then is a bag that becomes a form of self-expression.

The briefcase and duffel bag easily adapts to your personal style and taste while offering multiple storage solutions for a functional carry. You can transform the briefcase into a backpack in a few easy steps. The duffel bag can easily get you from work to the gym or to a weekend getaway.

One-Of-A-Kind Creation

There is no one bag that can truly satisfy anyone when it comes to practicality. Those in retail markets are either missing one feature you’re looking for, too expensive, or not to your liking. They may look appealing but they don’t do bags justice in general. They end up being fashion accessories and gathering dust after just a few uses.

Kanevas, on the other hand, lets you “make your own choices without compromise” so you don’t settle for anything less. You get to take part in the creation of your bag from the ground up. You get the liberty to decide on the how and why: how you want your bag to look and why you want it designed as such. Thus, no bag is ever alike with the other. Each is unique to each user.

Convertible, Organization-Master

The Briefcase from Kanevas new men’s collection is one great example of elegance and extreme organization. Multiple zippered compartments and internal pockets give you plenty of storage options for your work essentials.

Call it your portable office if you will. Its practical storage solution keeps your items organized and safe. There is space for your laptop, tablet, cellphone, credit cards, power banks, documents, other tech gadgets, and more. The briefcase even comes with a built-in external quick-access port for your mobile charger.

As for portability and convenience, the briefcase from Kanevas easily switches from handheld to backpack carry in two simple clicks. The stowaway backpack straps are neatly concealed in the zippered back pocket. It retains its elegant edge all throughout regardless of carrying method.

On-The-Go, Anytime And Anywhere

Meanwhile, the Kanevas duffel bag is as versatile as it can get. You can take it to work or to your next weekend trip. It provides enough space to store a quick change of clothes and has a built-in laptop compartment. You also get the option of adding a side pocket for dirty clothes or dirty shoes.


This bag features a two-way carry method just like the briefcase. It has a couple of short handles for hand carry and an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free.

Sustainable, Durable, High-tech

Kanevas prides itself on using sustainable rPet fabrics for the bags’ inner lining. 30 percent of the composition comes from recycled water bottles. The bags can be made with genuine or vegan leather or with felt.

The company also incorporates technology with their fashion designs. As such, they make use of augmented reality to bring their product to life. This helps customers get a visible idea of their finished design. It shows them how it will look like on all sides and angles at the comfort of their homes.


In this modern world of advanced technology and a fast-paced lifestyle, one thing you can rely on to get you to your destination is a fully-functional, reliable, and durable bag. One with great and timeless appeal is a bonus.

All these qualities Kanevas delivers. The briefcase and the duffel bag from their new men’s collection cater to the active lifestyle of business and travel. As such, they are versatile, sturdy, boasts a great appeal, and comes with an exterior slip pocket for easy transport with your suitcase. All these commendable features prove that you can never go wrong with owning a Kanevas bag.

The new men’s collection is now available for an early-bird purchase over at Kickstarter. The campaign will end on Nov. 28 afterward the bags will be accessible at Kanevas online studio.

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