Kammok, known for its outdoor sleeping gear, especially its hammocks, is all about making your time outdoors memorable and fun, including sleeping. As such, it has debuted the Ursa Sleep System, a special mattress designed to turn the ground into a comfortable bed.

Camping is fun but not until you need to lie down. The hard, rough, or uneven ground can be tough on the body and this is where this mattress comes in. It’s an elevated sleep system that takes all the guesswork out of comfortable camping. This way, you can enjoy a restful night of sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated. 

The Kammok Ursa Sleep System boasts six inches of comfortable and cozy thickness. It has a 4″ self-inflating base pad, a 2″ memory foam topper, and an insulated foot box that you can cinch to keep your feet warm and toasty. In chilly temperatures, the added woven polyester comforter keeps you warm at 30ºF temperatures. You can zip the sides of the comforter for a sleeping bag setup. 

Of course, your head needs protection from the cold too. The top of the bed comes with a deployable insulated hood and the system even comes with its own oversized adjustable pillow. The comforter also offers the perfect balance of breathability and warmth with its silky interior and water-resistant exterior. It also features built-in shock cords at the head to prevent cold drafts and improve heat retention. The system’s asymmetric zipper also allows for seamless integration between components so you can create a queen-sized bed for two. 

The Kammok Ursa Sleep System is a bit heavy for camping gear though at 10.9kg. But for convenience in travel, it has the Ursa Travel Case to keep everything in place. 

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Images courtesy of Kammok