Are you shopping for a smart digital multimeter that’s affordable and reliable enough to scale your personal and professional needs? KM601 might be the best choice. With 1000V maximum overvoltage protection and secure silicone build, the design and construction tremendously fit the specs and price it offers.

KAIWEETS is positively reputable for its futuristic designs and slim instruments, and the latest KM601 checks every great feature they ought to offer in their devices. The dual-mode functionality, together with anti-burn protection and several other safety features make it a reliable choice for electricians, engineers, and students as well.

The build is sturdy and ergonomic, thanks to its lightweight design and versatile performance with portability and powerful functions combined.

Also, KM601 is eco-friendly as it is designed with a pollution level-2 form.

Now, let’s break it down feature by feature:

Key Features

Bigger & Better Display

The display is now bigger and clearer in the latest KM601 digital multimeter. The colorful display and glare-free sharp graphics work great in sunlight without impairing the reader’s vision. The light-absorbing 2-colors LCD display works great at night and in extreme industrial conditions as well, making it a lot easier to detect the slightest variations in electrical readings for any situation.

The bigger display is smartly made to fit any hand size. The dimensions are 7.95 x 4.37 x 2.13 inches which makes it considerably bigger than the earlier HT112B digital multimeter.

Rugged Construction

KAIWEETS KM601 is made for single- and three-phase industrial and outdoor measurement practices. With CAT-III 1000V and CAT-IV 600V overvoltage protection, the multimeter complies with all the IEC61010 safety standards required for its design and make.

The digital multimeter measures everything from small-scale DC appliances to single-phase, three-phase, poly-phase AC motors, lighting systems, electrical meters, outdoor connections, and industrial circuit boards with impressive accuracy and protection. 

Multilayer Protection

The dual ceramic fuses add multilayer safety to the user in various situations. KAIWEETS KM601 is further protected with anti-burn layering for added safety. There’s also a fuse blown reminder if the voltage limit nears or exceeds 1000 volts.

Plus, the silicone case over it can prevent direct electrical contact with the person holding the meter. The protective case also protects the device from wear and tear in the long term. As an additional safety measure, KM601 also measures and displays real-time temperatures at any given time.

Precise Measurements

The measurements are perfectly made with True-RMS meter with 10,000 counts on all load conditions. For all the DC and AC loads, linear or non-linear, the KM601 measures precise results with average time-delay readings. If you are looking for a dead-accurate multimeter for varying loads, KM601 is the best choice in affordable smart meters.

Error Indicators

The LED lightning jacks placed on top of the meter display are for error detection when performing mA testing. If the probes are connected in the wrong order, the LED will indicate right light alongside the screen displaying “LEAD” error. This helps detect the probe connectivity problem in the beginning, if any. Also, the mA testing is auto-locked once the probes are connected in the right order.

Versatile Testing Capacity 

KM601 is good at measuring various voltage and current spectrums for both DC and AC settings. Alongside the basic readings, it can also be used to test resistance, capacitance, continuity, frequency, diode, duty cycle, temperature, NCV, and live wire detection. The versatility allows for day-to-day usage at home, in an automobile, and in industries.

The maximum voltage rating is 10,000V for CAT-III equipment, the current ratings are 10A with resistance range up to 60 Mega-Ohms. For NCV detection, the multimeter flashes “NCV” on its screen to warn the user of a nerve conducting velocity. For live wire detection, the red test lead bulges and an audio alarm is raised to caution immediate clearance from the appliance being tested. 

Robust Performance

KM601 is the best multimeter for indoors and outdoors. The construction, cost-effectiveness, and multiple features together with a bigger and brighter screen make it an optimal choice for various purposes. The meter safely lasts a lifetime with its purpose-built ruggedness and layered shock protection. In addition, KAIWEETS offers a three-year warranty on repairs and replacements alongside lifetime customer service.

 In the Box

Who Can Use This Multimeter?

KAIWEETS KM601 is a next-generation smart multimeter with a wide range of functions and testing parameters apt for everyone and everywhere. If you are a student, it will aid in small current, voltage, and diode measurements quite comfortably. For household and automotive users, the AC/DC voltage and current measurements are easier and require no prior practical knowledge and experience whatsoever. For industrial purposes, KM601 is perfectly suitable for checking continuity, frequency range, NCV, and live wire detection alongside high voltage and current detection.

In-depth Analysis of the KAIWEETS KM601

Easy to Use

KM601 smart multimeter is easy to use, with no strings attached. The smart mode can easily be turned on/off by pressing and holding down the power button located to the side of the meter. The smart mode automatically detects the voltage, resistance, and continuity when the probes are connected to any circuit.

Together with temperature sensors, the multimeter offers Data Hold option to make sure the reading never gets lost when you are looking away. The AAA batteries power the multimeter for months before a replacement and the low battery prompt on top of the display keeps users updated on the power status. The multimeter’s auto-shutdown programming significantly improves battery life and enhances the user experience.

When intercepted by a live wire, KM601 promptly raises the audio alarm for user safety. Adding to it, the fuse break reminders and NCV detectors make KM601 more purposeful in industrial practices.

Multiple Functions

KAIWEETS KM601 works for everyone. The diverse applications make it an all-in-one probing device for multiple circumstances. The measurements it offers are:

Unique Design

The ergonomic design packs three powerful AAA batteries and a large, colorful display. The smart assembly offers sturdiness and compactness when making measurements outdoors. For indoors, the backlit display can be dimmed or brightened with a dedicated button whenever required. Also, the temperature display keeps the user updated on heat dissipations and resistive losses that might incur when taking measurements.

Maximized Safety

KAIWEETS KM601 is rugged and secure for high voltages and currents. The safety standards adhere to CE and RoHS certifications. Additionally, the design strictly complies with IEC61010 CAT-III and CAT-IV overvoltage and anti-burn standards for 1000V and 600V respectively. The embedded sensors and components have pollution level-2 certification, which makes KM601 environment-friendly even after being disposed of.

For maximized safety, KM601 comes with a silicone protective cover for wear and electric shocks. The protective case also prevents dust particles and water from entering the multimeter.


The upgraded specifications for KM601 are listed here:

KM601 Vs. HT112B


Is it necessary to buy a multimeter with higher accuracy counts?

If you are looking for extremely accurate readings from your multimeter, it’s advisable to buy one with the highest available accuracy counts.

How to operate the KM601 multimeter?

Operating KM601 is quite effortless if you have already operated a digital multimeter. With only a few buttons and automatic circuit detection, KM601 is quite simple to use.

How to save more battery with KM601?

To conserve the battery, KM601 has an auto-shutdown function that turns off the multimeter after five minutes of inactivity. To save battery at night or indoors, it is better to decrease the brightness levels to dim/energy-saving mode.

Is KM601 made in the USA?

No, KAIWEETS products are designed in Hong Kong, China and assembled in Shenzhen, China.

How to replace a battery if it isn’t working anymore?

To replace the AAA batteries, remove the silicone protector and then the plastic lid. Now, flip the battery cells and easily replace them with the newer ones.


What do the Users Say?

There’s been a tremendous market response for KAIWEETS KM601 multimeter worldwide. The product is available on all the major B2C platforms i.e. Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and more with 4+ overall user ratings globally. The smart functions and sharp ergonomics with affordable price tags have made KM601 an instant success lately.

With 10,000 count accuracy and 1000V CAT-III overvoltage standards, KAIWEETS KM601 is flawless in measuring linear and non-linear loads with maximized security. Also, the industrial user response has also been favorable to KAIWEETS clean design.


Overall, the KAIWEETS multimeter is made perfectly in line with the daily and recurring usage of industrial and household consumers. KM601 works everywhere and for everyone, that includes HV industrial CBs, fault lines, single/three-phase and multi-phase motors, cars and DC circuits, and household single-phase appliances. The choices are diverse, from diodes to NCV and frequency measurements with dead-accurate readings. The thermocouple indicates real-time temperature which is a great addition to the KAIWEETS technology and also for the end-users. The price is also affordable for it to attract customers to switch to a smart meter without spending hundreds. 

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