Similar to EVs, smaller vessels with emission-free capabilities are now becoming more appealing. Although these types of boats won’t completely replace those with traditional propulsion systems anytime soon, the demand seems to be on the upswing. If you need something smaller than the Candela C-8 or Voltaic Marine AEW24, the EB EINS seems like the ideal option.

Although it looks larger than what one would expect from a personal watercraft, the manufacturer claims it is portable. Germany-based outfit Kaebon presents a stylish and sporty electric boat that owners can haul on their vehicle’s roof rack. This sleek hull supposedly tips the scales at only 196.21 lbs. thanks to some clever engineering.

The team is building the EB EINS out of composite materials, which is what helps it keep the weight down to a minimum. “We consistently rely on carbon fiber and innovative production processes. All components are made of high-quality carbon prepregs in a careful sandwich construction,” reads the product page.

As for the dimensions, it measures 17.22 feet long and 5.58 feet wide. As with most boats, the layout can be configured according to the buyers’ request. Hence, the EB EINS can accommodate anywhere between two to four passengers. We would likely go for the trim with room for more people.

The customizations don’t end there as clients can also choose between a premium Cruise 6.0 or performance Cruise 12.0 electric outboard motor setup. The former is rated at 3,504W, while the latter can output 6,720W. Powering the EIB EINS is a 44.4V, 5,000 Wh battery. It’s enough for 6-10 hours of cruising at a moderate speed or 45 mins if you push it to the limit.

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Images courtesy of Kaebon