K2 engineers teamed up with the brilliant minds over at BOA Fit System to develop the K2 Recon 120 BOA Ski Boots. This pair offers the most adjustable fit with performance-enhancing features. With the BOA Fit System, you can kiss your boot-fitting woes goodbye.

The BOA Fit System offers a performance fit designed to improve feel and responsiveness. It reduces pressure points by slowly modulating the Alpine boot closure with precise micro-adjustments. Snowboard boots, some running shoes, and bike shoes utilize this system so users can focus on performance and not worry about untangled, undone, or loose laces. 

It only takes a simple twist of the BOA dial to adjust the fit of the boot. It offers on-the-fly tightening and loosening thus eliminating the traditional lace system which can be time-consuming and tricky to adjust on the go. Aside from the addition of the BOA Fit System, the K2 Recon 120 BOA Skit Boots also come with other modern features.

It has a redesigned rugged silhouette with a lower cuff and an all-new shell that delivers a tighter toe seal. This pair also comes with a heat-moldable liner that offers the perfect balance between support and comfort. Then there are the internal and external J-Bars that guarantee proper heel hold and render a seamless toe box. 

Meanwhile, customizable heel inserts let users fine-tune the feel and the interior boot board features a rigid and responsive heel insert. The K2 Recon 120 BOA Skit Boots also come with a softer, damper, Harshmellow insert for more impact absorption.

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Images courtesy of K2Snow