If somebody told you that what you see here is a Honda Super Cub, would you believe them? Any semblance of the iconic commuter bike may be difficult to spot, but K-SPEED assures clients it’s all under there. As far as customizations go, the COMBAT CUSTOM Cub takes things to a bolder level.

Motorcycle buffs who regularly check their feeds might have spotted a teaser around summer. It seems the shop is finally ready to take orders for this classy Cub. To be specific, the donor for this special 100-unit production run is the CT125. The model also goes by other names like the Hunter Cub or Honda Trail 125.

Its sleek outline oozes a distinctly retro vibe courtesy of the fenders and tail cowl. Its aesthetics hit us with a wave of nostalgia that takes us back to the 1930s when Art Deco was all the rage. Designers would express it in any medium they could, and the K-SPEED COMBAT CUSTOM Cub manages to evoke it from any angle.

Available in a White Edition and Black Edition, each example will cost you about $10,525. In addition to its curvaceous tweaks, the rims also flaunt aero disc covers like some streamliner vehicles and motorcycles back in the day. K-SPEED also adds in-house parts such as a reverse cone muffler and saddle.

Below the tail is a wrap-around license plate holder. To the front are a circular LED headlight and a Motogadget m-Blaze micro-LED indicator system. K-SPEED shows off just how awesome it can be to take a familiar face and give it a bespoke makeover with the COMBAT CUSTOM Cub.

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Images courtesy of K-SPEED