Going glamping has never been more timely in this pandemic when people are either forced to stay indoors or retreat to far-off open places to avoid the crowd. The Jupe Flat-Pack Shelter elevates the camping experience with hi-tech offerings.

Jeff Wilson, the co-founder and CEO of Jupe, collaborated on the intergalactic design of this shelter with boutique hotelier Liz Lambert. He pitched the idea with the comfort of the users in mind. He wanted a shelter that lets users experience the natural wonders of the world without having to disconnect from it.

This is no ordinary tent from the inside to the outside. Its trapezoidal form with its glowing frame pays homage to the “2001: A Space Odyssey.” It has windows for added ventilation or light while an entryway provides panoramic views of its surrounding scenery. Inside the 111-square-foot space holds a Nectar queen-size bed, tiled Baltic birch wood flooring that hides ample storage space. It boasts lofty ceilings for comfort and so tall people do not have to crouch down. The expansive interior can house a desk and a chair.

The Jupe Flat-Pack Shelter uses aluminum poles and fire-resistant canvas and takes two people to assemble in an hour. Best of all, it comes with any of the modern necessities for communication. These include a Wi-Fi network, USB charging stations, and dimmable LED lighting. It also has a 200 amp-hour off-grid battery and solar panel array to power four electrical outlets. You can have it modified with a speaker with Alexa capabilities, add a small porch, a cooler, and a lock safe. The possibilities are endless for a hotel-like experience while out in the great outdoors.

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Images courtesy of Jupe