The Bishops Hill Encampment, from Fearon Hay Architects, would like to bring back old-school camping, but with a modern twist.

The camp consists of a pair of small structures resting on an estuarine headland. Each building features a mixture of exposed timber framework with matching timber shutters, topped off with natural oil finish. The resulting look is soothing, outdoorsy. Faithfully evincing the vibe of those good old days of classic camping glory.

The space perches on a sloping land that descends to the waterline, which adds authenticity to the whole setup. Placement, after all, is an often overlooked element in architecture. The space surrounding a structure is often just as important. The structure comes spaced, too, which creates a sheltered central space for outdoor hangouts.

Don’t let the word “camping” make you think this looks any less beautiful or refined, though. If not for the deliberately quaint timber work, this would qualify just as any fancy glamping spot would. But instead, we get something in the middle, with design elements reminiscent of classic camping but fitted for the modern era via modern aesthetic touches.

You’ll see it in the vintage natural-oiled cladding that intertwines with the open-air atmosphere, working together to bring back the vibe of a bygone camping era without losing the spirit of a new one. If you ever find yourself in the Tawharanui Peninsula, make sure to stop by and see the Bishops Hill Encampment for yourself. More information when you hit the link below, and check out more photos of the space, too.


Photos courtesy of Fearon Hay Architects