Cooking has never been fun, exciting, and hassle-free with the touchscreen June A.I. Smart Oven. This modern and sophisticated appliance turns anyone into a pro in the kitchen.

This convection oven does all your cooking for you with its 100+ tap cook-programs that make eating out a thing in the past. This multi-tasking space saver functions as a broiler, toaster, air fryer, slow cooker, dehydrator, or warming drawer. All these functions happen in a roomy interior that can fit a 12”x16” pan or a 12” pizza.

The June A.I Smart Oven has a built-in integrated high-technology system that ensures fast and easy cooking. It uses sensors and artificial intelligence to perfect meals every time. Cooking a mouth-watering steak or baking pies are a mere touch away. It’s as simple as choosing your desired menu from the available multi-step cook programs. Once this is done, the internal camera automatically recognizes your food and the oven does the cooking for you.

What makes the June A.I Smart Oven even more efficient is its compatibility with Alexa. You can use voice commands to check on the status of your food or for hands-free cooking. This kitchen appliance also works with a companion app, where you get notifications when your food is ready or where you can watch a live video of your dish in the oven. The app also allows you to cook your food ahead of time while you are still on your way home.

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Photos Courtesy Of June Oven