There’s nothing more frustrating and embarrassing than getting stuck inside your car along a busy road with horns blaring behind you urging you to drive on. It’s during these situations that you wish you had that one basic car essential that would jump-start your vehicle back to life. You may have your reasons why you don’t have it: bulky, heavy, unreliable, which is why in this modern age, technology has allowed engineers to design more compact versions that offer value for your money. Take for instance the Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum.

The name is perfectly self-explanatory and thus it is eye-catching. Who would not want to get their hands on this innovative device that has more to offer? It is a vacuum cleaner, an emergency power bank, and most of all, a car jump starter.

Outside its practical offerings, the Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum is a conversation starter. The vacuum looks modern and elegant while the jump starter is not typical of those commonly found in the market. It is compact and designed for one-handed carry. One look and you’d think it’s merely an electrical adapter of some sort. This device may be small but it makes anyone who has it stand out. Below you will understand why it literally translates to the adage “good things come in small packages.”

Powerful Vacuum Suction

The engineers and designers over at Hong Kong-based tech company Jumpi Labs created their flagship product with the consumers’ comfort and convenience in mind. They wanted to develop handy devices that are noteworthy in both design and features. Thus, the Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum was born to help make long drives worry-free.

You don’t have to sneeze your way through traffic with the DC 5V/2A vacuum cleaner that zaps out dirt and dust even those accumulated in hard-to-reach corners. Its suction power can rival those of consumer/commercial-grade models. It gets rid of debris including breadcrumbs, cigarette ash, and removes 99.99 % of microscopic particles and allergens not limited to pet dander, mold spores, and pollen.

The car vacuum operates silently, 30 percent quieter than those of its kind, and is lightweight at just 0.78 kg. It is also compact enough to fit under your seat. Its cordless design gives freedom of movement during cleaning.

Best of all, the Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum uses a no-touch dirt canister and the handle has an anti-bacterial coating to keep your hands safe and protected. With this device, it only takes a few minutes to get your car smelling and looking clean.

Fast-Charging Power Bank

The Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum runs on a 6,000 mAh rechargeable battery that also works as a quick-charging power bank. It juices up your mobile devices up to 2.5x its reserve power. In perspective, it can charge an iPhone 11 over two times and a Samsung Galaxy S20 two times. The battery recharges via USB-C using a bidirectional port and it also has a USB-A port for added convenience.

Compact and Fast Car Jump Starter

The Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum stands out because of the added jump starter that barely resembles any of its kind. It is compact and only weighs 0.31 kg. Despite its small size, it can handle just about any car or truck battery. It has 700 amps of power and gives 10 jumps per charge to keep you on the road for hours or even days.

The jump starter also packs extreme protection systems to ensure safety during and after use. It offers protection for over-current, short circuit, over-load, overcharge, and over-voltage. Likewise, it has spark-proof and corrosion-resistant clamps and insulated cables. This device only takes seconds to start your car so you don’t have to worry about causing traffic or getting stranded on the road.


The Jumpi: 3-in-1 Car Vacuum is the multipurpose car essential that you never know you need. It’s a life-saver ingeniously designed to be your daily companion. It’s a versatile device and one you can take anywhere whether you’re on the road, in the office, or even out traversing the great outdoors.

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