The Jones Utility Trouper golf bag maintains the minimalistic design and pocketing of its predecessor. But it is larger, on the lighter side and features improved functionality.

A large five-way top gives enough room for 14 cubs and oversized grips. Inside you have eight pockets to store balls, tees, and gloves while keeping them organized.

The Jones Utility Trouper golf bag is a breeze to carry. It has a new integrated easy-grab handle that makes for effortless handling or carrying. It even has a stand function for added carrying comfort and for easy access to the contents. Meanwhile, an added lumbar cushion adds another level of comfort in carrying to prevent possible back or shoulder pain. It features the brand’s traditional centerline single strap but comes with a secondary double strap for optimum comfort.

This simple yet durable golf bag may be bigger but it is 1/2 lighter than the original Utility Stand Bag at five pounds. Outside of golf necessities, it has space for extra items such as cold drinks. It comes with an insulated beverage pocket capable of holding two canned drinks. It also has a swivel accessory clip and a mesh pocket to hold a phone or Bluetooth speaker so you can crank up and listen to your playlist while in the game.

The Jones Utility Trouper is the product of feedback from customers who want simplicity yet functionality in a golf bag. It provides improved functionality with the added double strap an extreme help in keeping the fatigue off from the shoulders.

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Images courtesy of Jones Sports Co.