Jones Snowboards have just raised the bar on snowboard design with the release of their new Project X ($1,500). Utilizing some very high-tech materials combined with new construction methods, Jones has created an astoundingly lightweight board for slicing through the snow.

Beginning the weight-loss is the replacement of a fiberglass top sheet with a thin layer of epoxy. This layering continues within the body of the Project X with multiple layers of TeXtreme 12K non-crimp carbon, weave with 100% recycled rubber. The core is a foam/fiberglass composite that is 15% lighter than wood but just as stiff, and beech stringers along the edges for bonus strength. The camber profile has been reworked as well and the rounded nose allows easier glide with minimal friction across powder ( see video below ).

Be warned that this is a rugged piece of equipment designed for the advanced and expert riders only, and can be used across all mountain terrain! As of right now The Project X snowboard can only be shipped to US locations but is ready to rule the snow wherever you take it.