Jones & Partners’ Current Desk Light takes care of recharging your devices sans the clutter. It comes in a sturdy built and sleek and elegant design reminiscent of academic library lamps. 

This is a configurable task light with built-in power and storage solutions. Its the product of meticulous and careful research of common problems in the workforce especially in terms of a versatile, stylish, and adaptable power solution built into task furniture. Jones & Partners identified a specific lack of highly considered power modules for larger workplace surfaces. 

Jones & Partners’ Current Desk Light doubles as a power hub with interchangeable power sockets. The studio says the product aims to “expand and refine the options available for how the changing workplace utilizes power hubs, providing a considered and attractive response to the modern way of working.”

It bridges the world of contract furniture market and the electronic design scene. The result is an elegantly realized modular task or desk lamp that not only offers illumination, but also storage for stationary and various charging ports. These include a QI-wireless charging pad, a USB port, and the option to add more outlets in a single minimalist yet functional form factor. 

Jones & Partners’ Current Desk Light comes in two versions. The first comes with the wireless charging surface on the left side of the lamp’s base near the power on/off button. Meanwhile, the second has a portion of the base hidden beneath the tabletop for a flush and neat appearance on the mounted surface design, which conceals a larger plug-in unit that enables two interchangeable charging modules to be switched out or added as needed. 

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Jones & Partners' Current Desk Light2

Images courtesy of Jones & Partners