It can be a daunting task to find clothes or footwear that truly fit our size, especially if we are in the plus-size and the tall department. More often than not, we end up buying those shoes or shirts that are either too tight or too loose for comfort. If we do find those that are to our liking and comfort, it’s only after we have gone from one shop to another. Now, this is tiring. Thankfully, there are brands out there that look out for their customer’s needs. We’re talking about Johnny Big.

Established in 2014 (with Johnny Bigg USA launched in 2020), the brand especially caters to the big and tall man and his desire to be well dressed and comfortable. It utilizes expertise gained from decades in the menswear fashion industry to offer a comprehensive range of sizes. It has a selection from L to 8XL Tops, 34” to 54” waist trousers, 42” – 58” suit jackets, and shoe sizes from 10 – 17 US.  The tall range specifically comes with additional length in the right places to provide extra height and arm length.

Comfort and Style Guaranteed

So, what makes Johnny Bigg different from other men’s apparel stores online? For starters, It provides versatility with style guaranteed. It offers head-to-toe clothing for every and any occasion. Whether you’re needing a full getup for a BBQ party or looking for something to wear on any casual day, to festivals, parties, races, night outs, or needing clothes and footwear for business and the outdoors.

Best of all, the designs specifically address the needs of big and tall men. As such, meticulous steps were taken to ensure the right type of fabric, the proper button placement, and the addition of a hidden elasticated waist to guarantee both comfort and style.

Elasticated waistbands provide a secure and comfortable fit. This way, you don’t suffer any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions while out and about. You know what we’re talking about. That sound of fabric tearing apart as you bend down while wearing tight pants or shorts or needing to wear a belt to prevent loose pants from slipping. Suffice to say, having elasticated waistbands in pants allows for stretch and added comfort.

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Johnny Bigg offers denim and select pants and shorts not just with elasticated waistbands but also with stretchy fabric for comfort and added mobility. Take for instance the choices of stretch elastic dress pants that come in masculine colors. They make you look sharp and stylish be it at work, at a fancy dinner, or at a grand reception. Especially for tall men, the pant legs have extra length for sure coverage and comfort.

Johnny Bigg is not one to sacrifice quality over style. It offers both instead. Aside from the stretch pants, the brand also has 100% cotton T-shirts, polos, sports coats, and knitwear to keep you comfortable while looking fashionable even during warm conditions. The tall range also comes with extra length for the arms.

Johnny Bigg


Take for instance the Commuter comfort blazer. It is the perfect travel buddy because of its versatility. It folds and packs away easily, is water-resistant, and has internal pockets and zip fastening.

The brand also has linen blend shirts especially ideal as summer wear because they provide comfort and breathability. The blend also minimizes creases, this way you don’t have to constantly iron the shirt to crispness.


Head-to-Toe Getup

Johnny Bigg

If you’re looking for the ideal footwear to complement your clothing, then Johnny Bigg also has you covered. It has a selection of shoes, sandals, or boots and even offers scarves, hats, socks, undergarments, and ties for the complete getup from head to toe.

All footwear is made with cushioning technology that absorbs impact when walking. This guarantees comfort with each step. Moreover, the material used wicks away moisture so your feet stay dry and comfortable.

Comfortable Shopping Experience

Johnny Big offers a one-stop-shop for men for just about anything, making for an easy and convenient shopping experience. The brand includes a diverse product mix including suits, shirts, tees, polos, chinos, denim, and activewear. It also offers both smart and casual styles as well as a complete range of footwear and accessories. It focuses on affordable, relevant fashion and footwear for the everyday man and never compromises on quality, style, or fit. 

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