Diageo, the makers of famous spirits including Johnnie Walker and Guinness, announces the release of the Johnnie Walker paper bottle. The bottle is 100 percent recyclable and environmentally-friendly. The paper comes from sustainably sourced wood pulp and is 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable.

Moreover, it meets food-safe standards and does not compromise the existing quality of the product. Hence, your Johnnie Walker whiskey will still taste as great as it does in a glass bottle.

The Johnnie Walker paper bottle is the brainchild of Diageo’s partnership with Pilot Lite. Together, they launched Pulpex Limited (PLC), a new world-leading sustainable packaging technology company. The process of creating the paper bottles is innovative. Interestingly enough, it includes pressuring pulps in moulds which then go to microwave ovens for curing. Non-plastic coatings line the inside of the bottle as to not interact with the contents.

Thus, the company collaborated with famous market brands PepsiCo and Unilever. Richard Slater, Unilever’s Chief R&D Officer, called the paper bottles an incredibly exciting step forward. He projects a cut back of 100,000 tonnes on plastic usage for Unilever in the next five years.

Meanwhile, PLC’s Chief Sustainability Officer Ewan Andrew said paper bottles have the potential to be truly ground-breaking. He said it feels fitting that it should launch with Johnnie Walker. The brand has often led the way in innovation throughout its 200 years existence.

Equally notable, is the fact that the Johnnie Walker paper bottle will hit store shelves in the first quarter of 2021. PLC says the bottle will allow brands to rethink their packaging designs, or move existing designs into paper without the added worry of risking existing quality.

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Images courtesy of Johnny Walker