A team of engineers, industrial designers, and industrial design-savvy product managers over at Fetos Studios created a multi-tool that can tackle just about any small task. Aptly named JOAT, it’s a jack of all trades featuring your most-used utility tools in a sleek and keychain design worthy to show off to EDC enthusiasts alike.

This multi-tool offers modular tools that stack together magnetically and snap apart with ease so you can use them individually when needed. It has a set of hex wrenches (M2, M3, M5, M6 sizes), a bottle opener, a fold-out scalpel, and a pry bar. Likewise, there’s a portable saw, and a magnetic screwdriver.

The JOAT multi-tool’s built-in knife uses a replaceable mini scalpel blade that can cut, slice, and sharpen. A quick-release blade holder allows for one-second removable of the blade.   Meanwhile, the magnetic screwdriver comes with two 4mm bits held in place. The bit hole in front of the tool is CNC machined to perfectly fit the bits.

This tool sets itself apart from many of its kind in the market because its modular design gives you have the pleasure to disassemble every part yourself. You can choose which tool you want to bring or leave behind. Likewise, having a replaceable blade makes it TSA-friendly since you can simply just throw the blade away and keep the handle.

Moreover, the JOAT multi-tool is crafted for strength, durability, and portability. It is CNC-machined from Grade 5 titanium, making it light not just in the pocket but also in the hands for ease of use. It is also rustproof and resistant to corrosion, wears, and scratches. Plus, it comes in a keychain design so you can easily hang it in your belt loop, in your backpack, or along with your keys.

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Images courtesy of Fetos Studios