With so many blockbusters premiering one after the other, people are flocking to cinemas in record numbers. With the next installment of the MCU’s “Spider-Man” about to drop, tickets are selling like hotcakes. Not everyone is eager to take the risk and watch in the movie theaters, which is why the U2 from JMGO seems like a more practical alternative instead.

Of course, a ticket is way cheaper than a $3,000 device, but it’s an investment cinephiles would gladly spend for. Thus, why go out when you can have a similar experience at home with the U2 every time. It can project images up to 100 inches in vibrant crisp detail.

With a normal brightness of 2400 ANSI lumens, you can watch whatever you want even with the lights on. Pair it with JMGO’s Fresnel screen, dial up the settings to 3600 ANSI lumens, and easily rival the most advanced flat-screen panels in the market.

JMGO understands that it’s not just about the visuals, which is why this short-throw 4K tri-color laser TV projector also packs outstanding audio. Developed in conjunction with Dynaudio, it features two inverted cone-shaped speakers that generate 360-degree cinematic surround sound.

The entire setup features two 15W full-range speakers, a pair of 10W tweeters, and a 2,400-cc sound cavity. All these combine to produce an immersive auditory experience. The U2 might be on the chunky side at 28.3” x 15” x 6.6” but looks sleek thanks to its curves. 

It runs on a skinned Android system dubbed Luna OS. Wireless connectivity turns it into an outstanding streaming machine. If you need physical ports, there’s no shortage on the U2. There’s one for a LAN connection, two HDMI (one supports ARC), a TOSlink, and a USB-A. JMGO even throws a pair of 3D shutter glasses to let you view 3D content.

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Images courtesy of JMGO