Kentucky’s Jim Beam bourbon reins supreme among connoisseurs of fine liquors for its mellow caramel and vanilla overtones.  With the Jim Beam White Coffee ($18/24oz), the same delightful flavor (sans the buzz) can be enjoyed in your daily cup of joe.

In case you didn’t know, New York City’s White Coffee (est.1939) is one of the select Private Label Rights manufacturers in the country.  They produce some of the finest blends of ground coffee available, packaged under a vast variety of brand names & collaborations.

This premium Jim Beam coffee is 100% Arabica, roasted and flavored in four select flavors. Besides the Original, you can try the Signature Dark Roast, Bourbon Vanilla, Cinnamon Stick, and Spiced Honey.  Available in 12-ounce bags as well as convenient single serve cups, this is not an alcoholic drink, the flavoring accounting for less than 0.5% ABV.   For extra bite, add some bourbon, just make sure the boss is not looking.