In general, making whiskey or other forms of alcohol is practically doable with the right ingredients, recipe, and process. However, some of us prefer to just leave it to the professionals and enjoy our booze at the end of the day. Meanwhile, inspiration can come unexpectedly and lead to something unique like the Tropics Aged in Humidity by Jefferson’s.

This feature is in line with the growing interest surrounding American whiskey and its nuances. Even for the average enthusiast, we all know that it’s the maturation of the liquid in casks that influences the final product. Experts, on the other hand, point out the effect location has on the contents as it gradually develops distinct characteristics over time.

Basically, what contributes to the tasting notes is the mashbill, type of cask, previous contents of said cask if applicable, altitude, and the climate. Hence, the Tropics Aged in Humidity is a bourbon which was initially shipped from Kentucky to finish its aging in Singapore — a tropical country in Southeast Asia.

Like most territories near the equator, it experiences uniform high temperatures and receives plenty of rainfall throughout the year. Hence, Jefferson’s is aptly calling this release the Tropics Aged in Humidity. These factors all contribute to creating a distinct spirit best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

The distillery did not specify the age statement but confirmed 270 barrels of matured bourbon spent two months on board a container ship en route to Singapore in 2019. Thereafter, it was held in storage for 18 months before it made a return journey to the United States, and matured for an additional two months before bottling.

According to Jefferson’s the tasting notes of the Tropics Aged in Humidity bourbon include sea salt, toffee, and bing cherry. Moreover, the finish is long and full-bodied. Founder Trey Zoeller stated, “After taking barrels to many different locations, it was evident that the hot and humid climates had such a positive impact on the bourbon.”

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Images court esy of Jeffreson’s