The designers that work for big-name carmakers are not exactly uninspired when it comes to aesthetics. However, when brands start playing it safe, this results in boring and uninspired rides. Sometimes, it’s clear that user-generated concepts appear to be way better than the ones advertised by the in-house team. Thus, to prove our point, check out this beauty called the Jeep Shortcut 2016 concept. One good look will make you want to see this off-road machine go into production for real.

Credit for this awesome concept goes to Igor Dmytrenko, who clearly knows what a proper 4×4 should look like. You have a rugged styling that just exudes a powerful vibe. Moreover, this design makes you believe that it would survive anything that would normally cripple a regular model. The digital designer seems to have taken elements from the 2016 Jeep Moab Easter. After removing the windshield and adding a thick roll cage and a beefy skid plate underneath, this looks ready to rampage outdoors.

Despite the unique appearance of the Jeep Shortcut 2016 Concept, some elements still remain familiar. The front grille and chunky body will still remind owners of the marque. Another noticeable upgrade is the set of all-terrain tires that can mow over anything in its path. The artist shows us a red and blue colorway with cool black elements and graphics. Just like other concept designs out there, we’re hoping that manufacturers will be inspired to create models like this. We’ll have to wait and see what the carmakers have under the covers.

Check it out here

Images courtesy of Igor Dmytrenko