The JEEP Rock Rat by Hauk Designs ($Inquire) is sure to bring out the road warrior in you. Powered by a massive V-12 school bus engine this re-imagined 1947 JEEP CJ2A is ready to be armed for the apocalypse! Pulling 700 horses, the engine hits 1,200 ft-lb of torque.

On the ground, the over-sized “pit bull” tires on B.A.D. “beadlock” wheels gobble up any obstacle in the road. This all terrain hunter isn’t just raw practicality. Aesthetics are given their due through a kicker sound system, Maplewood and leather interior, and even skull logos engraved in the headlamp lenses.

From the road to the rollbar, this JEEP offroad behemoth stresses a “go-anywhere attitude.” The special oxidized-style finishing coat whose patina will evolve with time. Expect to see the “Rock Rat” dominate the offroad trails across whatever wasteland or outback it is driven through.