Jeep has been hyping up its green mobility roadmap with glimpses of its all-electric Wrangler concept. So far, we’ve featured all three iterations of the Magneto but have yet to learn if it will ever hit production. There’s talk that it will eventually do so by 2024, but it looks like the company recently detailed plans for a new emission-free model – the Recon.

For now, the American carmaker is eyeing a 2025 launch. Meanwhile, reports say the upcoming electric SUV will lock horns against the Land Rover Defender in European markets. Backing the Recon is the Wagoneer S. Furthermore, there’s another to follow, but is currently still in development.

Alongside the already-released Avenger, these fresh models should bolster Jeep’s eco-friendly lineup in the United Kingdom and other territories. Given the marque is now operating under Stellantis, its underpinnings will be based on the STLA Large architecture.

This goes to show that the modular platform makes it easier for multinational group’s subsidiaries to switch their fleet over to battery-electric configurations. According to insiders, the Recon will stand in for the Wrangler in the meantime. It was not hinted if the Magneto will ever receive a right-hand-drive version.

Complete details surrounding the capabilities of the Recon are still under wraps. However, we have word it will ship with a highly capable environmentally friendly powertrain. As for the output, Jeep is purportedly targeting close to 600 bhp and a range of about 373 miles on a full charge.

The electric SUV will also offer trims with removable doors and an open-top. “The Recon in Europe will be a white-space car,” said Jeep executive Antonella Bruno. “It’s a unique car, very boxy and very capable. She also noted that it will be positioned just below the Wrangler.

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Images courtesy of Jeep