It’s always nice to hear someone compliment you on your smell. By smell, we mean the scent of your perfume or cologne. That which becomes your signature scent because it complements your personality. That fragrance that makes you positively stand, so much so, that people just want to sniff you every chance they get. We’re talking about the new “Le Beau Le Parfum” from Jean Paul Gaultier (JPG). 

Launched in 2022, this new scent is an Amber Woody fragrance that befits the modern and active men of today and “tempts the senses to disobey.” Plucked from the Garden of Gaultier, it has a sweet yet mild scent of fruits and spices to keep you smelling fresh even under the summer heat. 

JPG’s “Le Beau Le Parfum” combines the wild sensuality of ambergris with the freshness of ginger and pineapple. The mixture fully enhances the potent masculinity of sandalwood and Tonka bean. What you get is a fragrance that is “brimming with beauty and manly mischief.” The scent is intense and sexy and seduces instead of repulses the olfactory senses.

Outside of its fragrance, the bottle itself is a cheeky nod to the male physique: it’s a nude, masculine glass. The upper torso is in lacquered black and going down it transitions to transparent green, where a golden fig leaf catches the eye. The same leaf is found on the sturdy and stylish tin canister that houses the bottle. 

JPG’s “Le Beau Le Parfum” makes for an impressive gift for men for just about any occasion. The great notes of spices, fruits, and wood certainly make for a masculine, dashing man.

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Images courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier