True wireless earbuds are clearly the most popular personal audio products right now. Apple may have the lion’s share of the sales right now but established brands in the market like JBL just unveiled a possible game-changer. Unveiled alongside the Tour ONE M2 headphones, we have the Tour PRO 2.

What JBL brings to the table here is a new way for users to interact with their music and more. Every TWS earbuds ship with a case that stores and recharges the batteries to extend usage time. Generally, our interaction with the accessory in question is very minimal. As such, it spends most of its time in our pockets or bag.

The Tour PRO 2, on the other hand, outfits the charging case with a touch display. This effectively turns it into something akin to a smartwatch except it does not fit the definition of a wearable. The 1.45-inch LED screen sits just above the JBL branding on the front.

It needs to pair with your smartphone to unlock some of its features. Press materials indicate it can “manage your music, customize your earbuds, receive calls, messages and social media notifications in real-time without touching your phone.”

To facilitate the full suite of functionalities, the JBL Headphones app must be installed first. The gimmicks of the charging case of the Tour PRO 2 are a welcome extra, but the earbuds are equally remarkable. Each packs a 10 mm dynamic driver with JBL PRO sound technology.

Users can also fine-tune the intensity of its noise canceling and customize the output via the Personi-fi 2.0 settings. The Tour PRO 2 boasts up to 40 hours of total playback and JBL Spatial Sound support for an immersive listening experience.

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Images courtesy of JBL