Aside from pre-workout supplements or warmups, our personal playlist of curated tunes can help boost the quality of our performance. Gone are the days of tangled cords as we shift to wireless technology that opens up our range of movement. The JBL Under Armor Sport Wireless Train ditches the cords for Bluetooth connectivity instead.

The most common types that you normally find people using are in-ear models. However, there are some of us who prefer on-ear or over-ear headphones instead. If you’re in the bandwagon with the latter, then the Under Armor Sport Wireless Train by JBL is a good option.

The moisture-resistant pair of headphones is available in two variations: black with a red Under Armor logo or a black with dark grey emblem. To keep our ears ventilated during intense workouts, the cushions are wrapped with UA SuperVent fabric. These are reportedly quick-drying, breathable, and can be removed for handwashing.

Its inner headband is lined with a special material that apparently enhances grip to keep the device in place. Additionally, the integrated TalkThru technology lowers the music volume and activates the built-in noise-canceling mics that optimize speech. Hence, negating the need to remove your headphones to talk to your buddies.

JBL even threw in a 16-hour Speed Charge battery to keep the Under Armor Sport Wireless Train ready and able—a five-minute charge is enough to supply you with one hour of play time.

JBL Under Armor Sport Wireless Train

Photos courtesy of JBL