Riding electrically-powered longboards for commuting is becoming very popular although the current motors tend to make the boards look clunky. Heading to Kickstarter this spring is a pair of trucks from Germany, the JayKay Longboard E-Trucks ($1,580) that have managed to keep both motors and batteries tucked away in the axle and wheels.

These streamlined e-trucks will be sold as synchronized pairs. They are designed to fit on almost all commercial longboard decks whether they have cutouts or not. JayKay is also planning on offering a complete kit with deck included.

The integrated, 4-cells-per-axle batteries will propel you at up to 18 mph with a 7 1/2 mile range and a battery-save recharge of three hours or quick charge in one. The board can be recharged via USB-C or the Qi wireless induction coil.

It is designed to be controlled by a wireless “clip” created by FlickTek and worn on the wrist like a band, although a phone app will also be available, where you can choose between three speed modes and get other distance and performance data as well. Incidentally, it will also detect if you “accidentally” dismount and brake when you are over six feet away!