Were you ever been in a situation wherein a blade would have made it easier to open a package properly? Sure, tearing off the plastic or tape would work as well, but it’s far from elegant. As such, this is where tools like the James° × VMP Abbey would come into play.

If a pocketknife is too barbaric and a box cutter too pedestrian for your refined tastes, The James Brand has a wonderful collection to check out. The James° × VMP Abbey, meanwhile, is an intricately designed utility knife that will appeal to music enthusiasts.

Specifically, those who prefer vinyl records will find it an amusingly quirky yet useful EDC. This is a collaboration between the Portland, Oregon-based group and Vinyl Me Please. Therefore, it corporates elements to showcase the user’s love for analog copies of their tunes.

The James Brand writes: “You know that feeling when you finally get your hands on a new record that you’ve been coveting? The first thing you want to do is get it opened up and spinning on your turntable. We know that feeling, and we designed the Abbey for precisely that moment.”

This fixed-blade knife measures 3” x 0.6” x 0.2” and weighs only 0.6 ounces. The James Brand is crafting the Abbey out of AR-RPM9 stainless steel with what appears to be a Wharncliffe outline. True to its tie-in with Vinyl Me Please, the handle inlay material is actual reclaimed vinyl LP.

Even the Ulu nylon lanyard comes with a custom collaborative bead with vinyl record details. The James° × VMP Abbey ships with an embossed top-grain leather sheath. Even if you listen to music via streaming services and other digital formats, this is still a great tool to have in your pocket or backpack.

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Images courtesy of The James Brand