What if we told you that a bottle opener can cost over $20,000? Sounds ridiculous, right? However, we’re not pulling your leg here, because James Squire is actually offering one in Australia right now. It seems our pals from the Land Down Under are commemorating the release of a limited-edition batch of barrel-aged beers.

To mark the event, the brewery is tapping into the creative minds over at Discommon for commemorating the special occasion. Remember, not all bottles of beer come with twist caps. Thus we come up with cool and clever ways to pop them open without agitating the delicious contents. Of course, it makes sense to use a bottle opener, which is easier to come by.

The one from James Square and Dicommon, on the other hand, is far from average. Moreover, it’s a true one-of-a-kind item intended to mark the launch of the Pioneer’s Collection. The brewery plans to auction it off and all proceeds will benefit farmers courtesy of Rural Aid.

The bottle opener is built with premium materials and even features a bespoke display stand. We’re not even sure if this will ever see action, but it would be cool if they pop open the first bottle off the line with it. The handle appears to be burl walnut, while the rest is a mix of Damascus steel and grade 5 titanium.

“From the initial ideation to the finishing touches of the bottle opener, uniting exceptional design and meticulous execution was always front of mind, which aligned Discommon well with the James Squire Pioneers’ Collection,” said designer Neil Ferrier. Perhaps any beer will taste even better when you open it with this fancy tool.

Discover more about the brew: here

Images courtesy of James Squire/Discommon