Back when we were kids, some of our favorite activities involves art supplies. It’s a great way for children to nurture their creativity and perhaps even discover artistic talents. If you love coloring books, this unique collaboration between Taiwanese-American artist James Jean and Koenigsegg is a tribute to that. However, instead of print on paper, we have the latter’s CCX hypercar.

Following the stunning Agera RS “art car” that debuted earlier in September 2021, the subsequent project is a little more interactive. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Festival of Children Foundation, Koenigsegg and Jean coming up with a fun visual upgrade.

Wrapping around the CCX is a mesmerizing fantasy artwork in black and white. Evidently, this is intentional as guests at the exhibit are encouraged to participate. The same concept applies to a regular coloring book. However, it’s on a bigger scale and with a powerful machine.

Dubbed “Les Forestiers II,” images of flora and fauna adorn the exterior of the Koenigsegg hypercar. Instead of the actual body of the CCX, the graphics are printed on a wrap the covers it. The event was held at the Ghost Squadron at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California.

Koenigsegg is a renowned Swedish carmaker that produces some of the world’s most remarkable high-performance vehicles. The CCX proudly boasts completely in-house construction. The aluminum V8 engine produces 806 horsepower with 693 lb-ft of torque.

This allows the hypercar to go from zero to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds. Track testing also shows a top speed of more than 245 mph. We know discerning clients can practically order their CCX in whatever configuration they want. However, the James Jean tie-in is as bespoke as one can get.

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Images courtesy of James Jean/Koenigsegg