James Dean’s old Hollywood Hills house is now on the market for several million bucks. It wasn’t actually his house, though — he only lived in the downstairs suite during his days as a struggling actor; the house was owned by Hal B. Wallis, who was the former head of Warner Bros.

According to The Agency, which is listing the historic property, the home used to be one of the “entertainment hubs” of the Hollywood Hills. Once, at a party there, a casting director saw James Dean and apparently “liked his look.”

In fact, he liked James Dean so much so that less than a month later, he was cast in Rebel Without a Cause, which later became one of the actor’s most iconic films.

The cozy little Spanish-style home was built in 1927. That said, it’s recently been restored, its quaint charms now given a modern facelift. The eat-in kitchen has been updated with new features like marble countertops and Viking appliances, for instance.

It has three bedrooms, four baths, and a swimming pool to boot — 4,000 square meters all in all. Of note is the master bathroom flecked with gray tile and gold accents under the sink. Spacious dual walk-in closets also come standard.

Despite its modernities, the house retains many of its original elements, such as fireplaces, arched doorways, and exposed wood beams, giving it a uniquely nostalgic atmosphere. This house probably appeals to you on charm and sentiment alone, especially considering James Dean has historic footprints all over the place. But if you don’t care much for the actor, the house itself is still pretty rad.


Photos courtesy of The Agency