A few days ago, we learned that Bentley plans to build 12 continuation cars based on the legendary Speed Six. It’s no surprise that all units are already spoken for given the luxury marque’s rich motorsports heritage. Hot on its heels, Jaguar answers with one of its own – the C-Type Continuation. Thus, motoring enthusiasts with a love for the classic should not miss out on this.

Unlike the highly limited project by its fellow British carmaker, it appears Jaguar does not impose a limit to how many they will manufacture. The fact that clients can enjoy extensive customization options can lead to crazy bespoke builds.

Each C-Type Continuation car is a reflection of Jaguar’s 1953 Le Mans-winning specification. Therefore, owners can enjoy drives in a vehicle that embodies the racing spirit of the past, albeit with modern tweaks. Within its front-hinged hood is a 3.4-liter straight-six that produces 220 bhp.

Construction of this mill takes up to nine months and features Weber carburetors. Also, the four-speed manual gearbox touts an in-period Plessy hydraulic pump. The original aerodynamic silhouette of the C-Type Continuation is intact but welcomes a thinner aluminum body and air-intake upgrades.

Each of its 16” 60-spoke wire wheels comes with disc brakes based on the original model’s design. Buyers can choose from 12 exterior color options and even have roundels on the sides and hood. The latter is a nice touch that adds a racing motif to your C-Type Continuation car.

Additionally, you can pick from 8 leather seat upholstery choices. Other notable cockpit elements include Smiths clocks, Smiths gauges, a Brooklands Aeroscreen, Lucas rear-view mirrors, Lucas three-quarter windscreen, a 15-inch Bluemel steering wheel and more. Finally, the track-ready Jaguar C-Type Continuation car also features FIA-approved safety systems.

Customize Your C-Type Continuation Car: Here

Images courtesy of Jaguar