Survival gear comes in various packaging these days, so it was a simple matter of time before some guys (probably die-hard boy scouts) came up with the Jackfish Survival Wallet ($105). Unlike other larger multi-tools, this thing can be carried on your person on a daily basis. ‘Cause you never know when disaster might strike…

Created by London-based Jackfish Survival, the 8.5mm thick wallet is made of hard anodized aluminum or titanium, it can fit up to four credit cards (easily accessed via a spring-loaded mechanism), and it packs a compass, small knife, a 120 dB whistle, a windproof match & striker, plus other life-saving stuff. And, in case you’ll never get to use it in an extreme situation, the wallet also provides tools that should come in handy in everyday life, such as a telescopic pen, a micro screwdriver, Phillips and flat hex bits, and a micro SD card reader for saving your documents. Available in black or grey. Details in the video

Jackfish Survival Wallet 2

Jackfish Survival Wallet 6

Jackfish Survival Wallet 1

Jackfish Survival Wallet 4


Jackfish Survival Wallet 6