While we do not fawn over chocolate like some members of the fairer sex do, men like to chow down on a bit every now and then (oh go on then, we like chocolate as much as you do ladies). Something we definitely fawn over is alcohol, and it doesn’t get much better than a good old bottle of JD’s. Jack Daniels, the most iconic of whiskeys has become a megabrand in its own right, and merchandise bearing the famous name extends far beyond guzzling whiskey.
The latest sees delicious chocolate joined with Jack Daniels to create an extremely tasty choccy treat. Whiskey chocolate is fantastic anyway, the sweetness of the chocolate followed by the harsh tones of the whiskey is a combination made in heaven, adding Jack Daniels whiskey just makes it that much better.
Made with Swiss chocolate, the JackDaniel’s Whiskey Chocolate Bar ($10) is a 3.5oz slab of high quality milk chocolate wrapped in a gold foil and JD whiskey style label.