No one wants to face the full force of a hurricane, but if you live in an area where hurricanes are prone to occur, you need to be prepared. One of the best ways of preparing is to stock up on specific items before a hurricane is even forecast. Here’s what you need to own if you live in hurricane country.

An Emergency Food and Drink Kit

If you find yourself cut off from the world due to a hurricane, it’s imperative you have emergency food and water supplies. Thankfully, there are some great emergency food and drink preparedness kits, like My Patriot Supply, that last for years.

So, you can simply stock up and not have to worry about the shelf-life of products. In fact, the contents of My Patriot Supply kits last for twenty-five years, which is one of the longest shelf-lives in the emergency food industry. From pancakes to black bean burgers, the foods are not only nutritious but also pack flavor.

No matter how long you are stuck inside your home, you can be sure you’ll have a tasty meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The My Patriot Supply kit even comes with coffee that can last 25 years or more on the shelf. Gluten-free and special dietary options are also available.

Storm Shutters

By installing storm shutters, you can protect your windows, skylights, and doors from the rampant force of hurricanes. Shutters specifically designed for withstanding hurricanes are usually made from sturdy materials like aluminum or steel.

They typically range in price anywhere between $200 and $1,000, but if you live in hurricane country, storm shutters are more than worth the investment. Do not wait for a hurricane forecast before you buy storm shutters, though. It takes a little time to install the shutters, so you should get them before any hurricanes or storms are on the horizon.


When hurricanes hit, you can expect severe flooding to often accompany the winds. Therefore, it’s important you own plenty of sandbags to stop water damage affecting your home. You could make sandbags yourself by filling plastic bags with sand, or you could purchase sandbags from your local hardware store.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you do not wait to get sandbags until a hurricane or storm comes. Be ready with sandbags and you can prevent flood damage by diverting water away from your home.


If you have a generator to produce electricity in the event of a power outage, you need to remember to have plenty of gasoline stocked up. Typically, a 5,500-watt generator runs for about eight hours on five gallons of gasoline. You can also make your generator last longer by running it for shorter periods of time. As long as you’re prepared, you can have heat while you ride out the disaster of a hurricane.

A Safety Deposit Box or Safe

When a hurricane hits, it can cause all kinds of damage to your personal belongings. So, it’s important you stay ahead of the game by purchasing a safety deposit box or installing a safe to keep all of your important documents and items safe. When things like insurance policies, birth certificates, financial papers, and jewelry are under lock and key, you will not have to worry about them becoming lost or damaged when a hurricane arrives.

Other Items

If you are out of power, even for a short time, it’s important you have flashlights and plenty of batteries. It can be worth investing in a glow-in-the-dark flashlight so you can easily locate it when the lights go out. Other items to own if you live in hurricane country include whistles, blankets, and toiletries.