Are you looking for more variety in your collection of alcoholic beverages at home? Most people go for the usual stuff such as whiskeys, tequilas, vodkas, gins, wines, and types of booze. Usually, we have these alcoholic drinks during or after a meal. On the other hand, if you need a good aperitif, perhaps you should give Italicus a try.

For those wondering, this liqueur is a special blend of ingredients originally created by Giuseppe Gallo. Furthermore, the Italian bartender confirms it is from a family recipe for rosolio. Like many alcoholic concoctions of its kind, you can have it neat or on the rocks. However, many agree that it works best as a mixer instead.

As the label says, each ribbed aquamarine bottle of Italicus holds rosolio di bergamotto. Sources point out a combination of Sicilian citrons, Calabrian bergamot oranges, lemon balm, yellow roses, lavender, and gentian, among others. As with any spirit that features botanicals, a sip delivers a refreshing experience. At only 20% abv, it needs other spirits to really dole out a kick.

Popular cocktails you can prepare with Italicus include margaritas and spritzes. “Before the appearance of vermouth & amaro in Italy, rosolio was the main drink enjoyed by the king of Savoia and often served as aperitivo di corte’,” notes the manufacturer. You can also find a couple of cool recipes to try out on the product page.

“Childhood memories of the amazing flavours I first experienced on the Amalfi coast sparkled in my imagination and I was inspired to combine these with my passion for Italian art, poetry and history into a product that I believe showcases the very best of Italy in liquid form,” states Gallo about Italicus.

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