These days tablets are no longer just larger screens dedicated purely for entertainment. The combination of a powerful processor and the right accessories can turn these slates into a versatile replacement for traditional notebook computers. Meanwhile, found/Founded pushes the envelope even further with a concept product called the iScream Homelearn Book.

Given Apple ships their hardware with the bare minimum – supposedly in the name of sustainability – the prototype in question here will most likely run Google’s operating system out of the box. To provide some context, Lenovo always bundles their tablets with a first-party keyboard cover and stylus.

Meanwhile, other Android OEMs like Samsung and Xiaomi opt to sell their accessories separately. If the iScream Homelearn Book ever hits production, it would become an attractive option given the extras included with every unit. The South Korean designer positions this as a complete package up for any task.

Likely in a bid to cut manufacturing costs and keep the price down, its construction mostly uses plastic. Nonetheless, the build quality seems top-notch. There are three color schemes available: Ever Green, Pure Gray, and TinyTan Edition. As early as now, we believe the latter would be a smash hit among K-pop fans.

As hinted at by found/Founded, it will be marketed as a premium-tier SKU. Moreover, the slate comes with a protective bumper, an articulating stand with a magnetic attachment system, a Bluetooth keyboard, and a stylus. We like how the stand becomes an organizer to reduce clutter on your desktop. When it does drop, would you consider the iScream Homelearn Book over other tablets?

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Images courtesy of found/Founded