We have been gradually introducing outdoor gear for our readers in the hopes of convincing you hit the trails. While camping and hiking may not be for everyone, you won’t know unless you try. If you’re a longtime outdoorsman, equipment such as tents, hydration packs, rations, and survival gear are likely at the ready inside your backpack. Meanwhile, if your footwear is due for an upgrade, might as well consider the Ghosting TRS Mid-Top.

After using various hiking boots in the past, we can say the most are specifically engineered for the rough terrain away from the city. Thus, most brands go for function over style. Not that the majority of brands make ugly chunky kicks, but most designs are not that impressive from a fashion standpoint.

The Ghosting TRS Mid-Top is different. It sports a casual look owners wouldn’t mind showing off even on their daily commute. Most of us here are partial to the colorway, but also admit that the others have this cool tactical vibe about them. The tones come from the 200-denier ripstop nylon upper.

Triple Aught Design also notes that a PU-film reinforcement is available on the tongue and eye-row. It is a strategic approach since these areas are usually the sections that experience a lot of wear aside from the outsole. For foot comfort, the interior has a microfiber synthetic suede lining with an open-cell PU foam footbed.

To give it optimal grip and durability on almost every surface, the boots are equipped with Vibram Megagrip rubber outsoles. Triple Aught Design produces the Ghosting TRS Mid-Top in four colors: Black, Gunship, Chimera, and Combat. Sizing ranges from 7 US to 13 US.

Buy – $185

Images courtesy of Triple Aught Design