INVINCIBLE x Helinox teams up to bring you more reasons to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of nature. They are bringing home to the outdoors with its Outdoor Collection. You can set up camp anywhere you like, be it in the woods, by the lake, or at the beach.

The line comes with outdoor gear from Helinox’s Tactical Line. This includes a grey Tactical Cot with convertible legs. It has a reflective print that represents the INVINCIBLE x Helinox branding and a sun track pattern detail on the side. Then there’s the redesigned Tactical Chair in nylon fabric with mesh for breathability.

Underneath it is a daisy chain design that offers added storage solution. The Tyvek label is at the back with a pattern that symbolizes a stationary front when two air masses of equal force collide to represent the exciting team-up.

The INVINCIBLE x Helinox Outdoor Collection also includes the Tactical Table M + Storage Pocket. The double-sided table board comes with INVINCIBLE_INC branding on the front. It has a Tyvek label, and an orange hanging loop on the back.

The line also includes the Tactical Table Side Storage with a reflective coating on the outer lid to highlight the partnership between the two brands. The storage box easily hangs from the daisy chain design of the cot, chair, and table. 

Lastly, the Outdoor line includes a fabric version of INVINCIBLE’s Cup Holder in a mesh pocket design with a pouch casing. It can hang on either side of the chair.  

The INVINCIBLE x Helinox Outdoor Collection is inspired by Henry Thoreau’s quote: “A sky without clouds is a meadow without flowers, a sea without sails.”  It “perfectly integrates the advantages of Helinox’s outdoor line products and its famous Tactical Line.”

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Images courtesy of INVINCIBLE_INC