The International Scout is perhaps one of the most sought-after off-roaders in the off-road community. That’s thanks mainly to the number of custom Scout jobs that have come out over the last several years. Plus the appeal of the car itself, of course.

Now, we’re getting a look at yet another custom Scout project, this time from the folks at New Legend. The Scout LSII-One fuses modern specs into a tried-and-tested classic design. It comes in an incredibly vivid Ceylon Green paint job and a Creme Brûlée topper that reeks of sophistication. It’s the kind of color combination you just know wouldn’t work in theory. Yet here we are, marveling at this utterly beautiful bad boy.

You also have an all-black undercarriage thanks to the polyurethane protective all-weather coating. The interior is just as impressive, too, packing some fine leather upholstery and Corbeau seats to keep things crisp and classy at the same time. New Legend also made sure to add extensive heat and sound deadening throughout the interior, plus fully integrated factory gauges and transmission shifter, and a six-point roll cage with front cage legs designed for better space and function.

Under the hood, we’re talking a 6.2L LS3 engine with 430 horsepower, with a bunch of upgrades thrown in for good measure, like LED lighting, a new suspension, and a 3.5-inch lift kit for a decent amount of ground clearance. The suspension, according to New Legend, is “smooth and predictable and it makes high performance driving possible on or off road.” Take this classic off-roader with you anywhere you go.


Photos courtesy of New Legend