Is it a superbike or a café racer? As far as we could tell, the iNSTINCT distinctly combines the appeal of both, to make one hell of a looker. You can probably tell at first glance that this machine is packing an emission-free powertrain. With so many established moto manufacturers now developing battery-electric models, green mobility is the future.

With the devastating effects of climate change affecting various regions around the globe, experts are calling for drastic measures. Hence, even those in the vehicle design scene are shifting their concept to address our carbon footprint problems. JiaYan Li endows his work with a sleek silhouette to evoke a sporty appeal among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Renders do not share in-depth detail about what’s under the aerodynamic shell in white, orange, and dark metallic gray. However, by the absence of traditional forks at the front, you can guess the iNSTINCT uses a hub-center steering configuration. The cowl that holds its LED headlight looks like an air intake until its illuminated.

Elongated cutouts on the sides of the yellow body cover are just enough for the handlebars’ range of movement. The form and saddle of its heavy-duty subframe suggest an aggressive riding position on this bad boy. There’s no windscreen, but a display panel is mounted at the top for telemetry and more.

Smart connectivity is also a likelihood here. Its swingarm is supported by a mono-shock suspension unit. The bike’s long wheelbase tells us the designer opts for more stability over maneuverability. The iNSTINCT comes with dual brake discs on black wheels shod in racing slicks.

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Images courtesy of JiaYan Li