What could be more convenient than a blender that not only whips up beverages but also cooks food? The Instant Pot Ace does both with its advanced microprocessor technology and with built-in one-touch multi-functional programs.

The blender packs features not found in any of its kind. It has four hot blending programs that use boiling and blending to cook soup or heat up pureed food. It gives you the ability to cook fresh ingredients in a durable glass pitcher that can serve up more than one person with its 1.75-liter capacity.

Aside from the hot blending program, the Instant Pot Ace also has four cold blending programs ideal for ice cream, Smoothies, and other frozen treats and three manual blending speeds including low, medium, and high.

This kitchen appliance pulverizes, crushes, and blends food with ease in seconds using a powerful and quiet motor with a speed of 23,000 RPM. It has a concealed heating element and eight stainless steel blades to break down even the toughest ingredients.

This blender comes with an LED display that guides your cooking progress and shows you the real-time cooking temperature. Now making tomato soup has never been easier and for just $99 you get a blender/cooker hybrid.

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Photos Courtesy of Instant Pot