Already at their 10th-generation model, there’s no stopping GoPro’s dominance in the action camera market. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a worthy alternative given the ubiquity of their platform which consistently enjoys generous first-party and third-party support. Nevertheless, the ONE RS from Insta360 could be a contender this year.

We’re looking at versatility and performance. Size-wise, Insta360 did a great job to keep it as compact as action cameras go. If you compare it side by side with the HERO10, it’s roughly about the same size as GoPro’s offering. Although most of its functionalities are practically similar to the competition, it touts a unique selling point.

Aside from being the more cost-effective option, the ONE RS is also modular. Just like a LEGO kit, you can quickly assemble your ideal configuration in no time flat. The proprietary snap-on system and locking mechanism make it easy to attach components and take them apart.

Its construction makes it waterproof up to 16 ft even without the optional dive case. Also, the connectors of its interchangeable parts stay firmly in place even when the action gets rough. Aesthetically, there’s very little to set it apart from its predecessor — the ONE R.

However, Insta360 claims the ONE RS ships with a more powerful core unit. Moreover, you’ll be glad to know all its hardware are cross-compatible with the older model except for the 4K Boost lens. Unfortunately, its specifications and capabilities make it difficult to recommend if you already own the ONE R.

So far, the only advantage (if you consider it as such), is the ability to shoot in 6K widescreen mode at 24 fps. Still, features such as FlowState stabilization, Active HDR, Horizon Lock, and Slow Mo are all top-notch on the ONE RS.

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Images courtesy of Insta360